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Tractor & heavy equipment repair in Bradenton FL

Tractor Repair Service in Bradenton

If you’re in the construction or agriculture business, your equipment is bound to endure some damage along the way. A piece of machinery that breaks can stop your production while the work keeps coming, leaving you sidelined until you can get it fixed. At Diesel Team Holders, we understand that it can be hard to get a piece of machinery to a repair shop if it’s not running properly. So we will come to you at no extra charged. We are experience diesel mechanics in all AG equipment, heavy machinery and any tractor repair { Engine Lights, Diagnostics, Spark Plugs, Hydraulics, Wiring, Clutches, Diagnostics, Tractor/Farm Equipment (Trans), Preventative (Maint), Air-Conditioning, Water Pumps, Brake Service, Major and Minor Repair Attachments for Behind Tractor}. If you have a question or concern about a piece of equipment, please give us a call, we offer free advice.

Heavy Equipment Repair in Bradenton

We specialize in field repair services for construction equipment such as concrete machines, landfill compactors, asphalt pavers,  hydraulic excavators and all Caterpillar machinery. Our mobile service trucks allow us to provide a complete line of onsite emergency repair services. Our service trucks carry a stock of special tools and replacement parts with a trained, certified mechanic on board.

Common preventive maintenance services include oil / filter changes, chassis lubrication, differential fluid changes, and hub greasing. When your heavy equipment stops working at a construction site, the overhead of dismantling and transporting it for in-shop repairs can be expensive or challenging. We help in reducing such overhead by coming to your site or plant to perform the repairs.

We are trained experts in conducting diagnostic tests on engines, transmission systems, hydraulic systems, and electrical components. We can identify electrical problems that occur in heavy equipment and repair or replace the defective components. In the event of hydraulic system malfunction, we can examine hydraulic components for ruptured hoses, fluid leaks, worn pumps and motors, or failed components. We can work around your schedule to provide you with the best service possible.

A little history about Bradenton, Florida.

Bradenton (originally spelled “Braidentown” and then amended to “Bradentown”) was established in 1842.[2] The original town of Bradentown was incorporated in 1903.[11] The city took the name of Dr. Joseph Braden, whose nearby fort-like house was a refuge for early settlers during Seminole Indian attacks. The current city of Bradenton was formed in 1943, when the Florida legislature merged the cities of Manatee (incorporated in 1888) and Bradentown.[2][12]

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